Mexicans in New York City

 The 2010 Census reports the Mexican-origin population as 320,000 (14.3 percent of the total Latino population); the 2000 population was reported as 170,000.

The Mexican-origin population is New York’s fastest growing Latino group. If yearly population growth among all of the City’s Latino national subgroups continues at current rates, Mexicans will become New York City’s largest Latino nationality in 2024 (Bergad, et al.).

 In 2010, some 41% of New York City’s sixteen- to nineteen-year-olds of Mexican descent did not graduate from high school. That’s the highest proportion of any major ethnic group in the City.


 Study participants: 11 mentors; 10 parents; 22 children

Over 3,000 pages of fieldnotes and interview transcripts

85 minutes of video footage

 160 hours of audio recordings

500 photographs

300 photocopies of student homework