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Sentados en el piso a sobre ladrillos, los alumnos de esta escuela en Xalapa, Veracruz, estudian la primaria, sin importar las incomodidades, pues su deseo de superación es mayor. Tampoco hay pizarrón, pero sí una maestra que imparte los conocimientos. Estos estudiantes son ejemplares, asegura la profesora.

Sitting with their knees on the floor, the students at this elementary school in Xalapa, Veracruz study despite the uncomfortable conditions because their desire for achievement is greater. They don’t have a chalkboard, but they do have a teacher to impart knowledge. These students are exemplary assures the teacher.


Student Response

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This picture affects me by getting educated the right way. I am glad that I go to a good school. If I was rich or had money I would change everything. I would bring chairs and tables books and a lot of supplies so they get educated more. There happy that they getting educated because some people don’t get educated. I feel like we got opportunities because we’re in the USA, and we don’t care about school and the kids in the picture are happy and there sitting on the floor getting educated. Ellos les estan echando ganas y nosotros si estamos ahi no le echamos ganas.” (“They are making the effort and if we were there we wouldn’t make the effort.”)